Center Line Veterinary Hospital

26242 Van Dyke Avenue
Center Line, MI 48015


Veterinary Assistants

Veterinary Assistants are an important part of the veterinary medical team. Working with Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians, they help provide medical care to sick and injured animals. A typical day in the life of a Veterinary Assistant includes giving medicines, feeding and bathing animals, cleaning up after them, and assisting with examinations and tests. Veterinary Assistants play a very hands-on role. Aside from these tasks, many also do office work. Because sick or injured animals need constant care, the work is sometimes hard, repetitious, and dirty, but people like these, who genuinely love animals can find it both interesting and deeply rewarding.


Katie Marlinga

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Matt Kralowski

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Arielle Paleno 


Sarah Wood 


Alyssa McKay 


Kelsey Violette